Home-Based Learning Through Year 12 Online Courses

Education is one of the most important things teenagers need. They are in an important stage in life when they need support to learn the things they need to know. Not all teenagers are able to finish their study for different reasons, like family problems. This is not the end, though. Teenage dropouts can find their new home to alternative schools to continue and finish their education. This article talks about the importance of alternative schools and its role in helping dropouts.

Preventing teen-related problems

Alternative schools helps teenagers stay away from trouble. Out-of-school teenagers can get into trouble. Due to lack of practical skills, many teenagers get pregnant or commit crimes. Alternative learning can keep them away from these troubles because school is where they belong. These institutions can keep them busy and train them to be a responsible person. They have programs that help teenagers go back to the learning environment and forget about any wrongdoings they have committed.

Decreasing dropouts

Alternative schools offer non-traditional learning methods to help teenagers stay in school. One major cause of teenage dropout is because the traditional way of schooling does not work for them. They face their own problems, especially with their family. Such problems make life hard for them to learn in a structured environment. The main goal of alternative schools is to reduce dropout rates and give out-of-school youth education and practical skills. Education is the best way for them to have better chances in getting a decent job to support them and their family.

These schools prepare teenagers to work or to get higher education. Alternative learning curriculums are in line in encouraging teenagers to study. Most alternative schools have small groups of classes to help teenagers cope with the insecurities. Small classes encourage teenagers to build stronger relationships with their classmates and teachers. Their teachers have a different approach of teaching to deal with troubled students. Teenagers do not have to be in school, though. You can find many Year 12 online courses to learn while at home.

Creating personal identity

These schools help teenagers shape their identities through education. They provide fun activities to help them get in touch with others. These schools offer different courses to let teenagers choose based on their interests. Teenage is the best time for them to realize what they want to do in life. These schools have programs that develop their talent and academic curriculum to support different careers. Teenagers can also participate in sport activities. Going into these schools allows them to find their passion in life while their young.

Alternative schools are the perfect place for out-of-school teenagers. Other than preparing them before work, it can lead them into the right direction in life. These schools open for people of all ages. You can find many Year 12 online courses you can study at home to help reach your dreams.

How to Choose an Online Home Study Hypnosis Course

People come to hypnosis for many different reasons.  They hear about the benefits of using hypnosis to boost confidence, increase self esteem, reduce fears and doubts and to perform better in all area’s of life.  Some then decide that they would like to learn more about hypnosis and think about taking a course.

There are lots of online home study courses on the market today.  It’s a very lucrative business for Internet entrepreneurs.  The problem arises when people start to write these courses with little more than a basic understanding of what hypnosis is all about.

It can be pretty dangerous if you attempt to hypnotize others without knowing completely what you are doing.  One of the first things you should be looking at when choosing an online courses is can you trust the person selling it to you.  If possible get a recommendation from someone who has tried the course.  A trustworthy opinion can go a long way in helping you to decide if the product is good value or not.

Make sure you know what is contained within the course that you are buying.  If you are a beginner spend a little extra and get something that gives you a good grounding in basic techniques.  There are lots of courses out there that claim anyone can use them but realistically they are designed for people who have some knowledge of hypnosis and can build on that knowledge.  If you are an advanced user make sure that there is information that is new to you.  It can be really frustrating buying a product only to find that it simply covers the things that you already know.  Sometimes online home study courses like to keep their descriptions vague to tempt you in.  You will often see phrases like “learn the secret to creating instant rapport.” or “amazing tool to make others instantly suggestible.”  It can be difficult to see what is actually in the course.  Ignore the fluffy language and look for actual content.  As a general rule, if there isn’t a description of the content on the sales page find something else.

Ignore all outlandish claims.  Somewhere along the line it has become common practice to exaggerate the benefits of the product on sales pages.  Not just hypnosis products pages but any info product has the same claims.  “Learn how to tap dance in minutes.”  Solve sudoku in under 30 seconds.”    Don’t believe them.   If you can find a hypnosis course that you can even listen to in minutes it’s not worth the money you are paying for it.  Hypnosis is a difficult subject to master.  People have spent years studying it.  It’s an art form that requires an understanding of language pacing, tonal changes and body language.  It’s subtle and every person you hypnotize will require you to tweak your technique a little.  One of my favourite courses claims you can hypnotize someone to rob a bank.  That is highly unlikely. That doesn’t mean these courses aren’t of quality material, some of them are very good.  Don’t believe their claims though, they set up up to have unrealistic expectations of what hypnosis can do, and how long it will take you to learn.

Ignore the testimonials on sales pages.  The testimonials are there for a reason.  They are designed to sell the product to you.  Have you ever seen a negative testimonial?  When you are buying a product make sure you have a recommendation from someone impartial that has tried the product.  They will naturally be more honest about the product and give you a fairer assessment of the benefits and drawbacks of a particular product.

The last thing I recommend you look for when buying a product is a money-back guarantee.  If a product doesn’t offer you the chance to change your mind with a full refund always look for another product.  If the course isn’t capable of selling itself then it’s not worth the money you paid for it.

You should always follow these guidelines when purchasing anything online.  There is a lot of great information out there but there is also a lot of unscrupulous people just looking for an opening to rip you off.  I hope you find the course that works best for you.

7 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Starting a Home Based Online Business

Deciding to start your own home based online business could be one of the most profitable decisions that you ever make. You can leverage technology in a way that can allow you to control more time to take pleasure in the things you formerly didn’t have time for, because you were at the J-O-B trading your time for dollars. When you have, a home based online business you gain independence. You start and stop working whenever you want. You call the shots, you are your own boss.

Sounds pretty nice, however this can be a blessing and a curse. You see, the majority of people have been conditioned through the repetition of working day in and day out to trade their time for money (which is a terrible way to earn money) and when you are working a home based business you are earning money based on the service you provide, or the results of others, if you really understand leverage.

Many people new to the online world tend to accept as true that having a successful online business is easy and it is not. When you find out the major concepts, you’ll comprehend that it’s simple, but not easy. There’s a big difference between the two. Deciding to begin a home based online business can earn you more money than you ever imagined possible, however on the flip side it can also put you in the poor house if you’re not careful. There are people who have gone from nothing to earning millions in a short time with their online business, I know some who have earned nothing, and the difference between the two is often as fine as a razors edge.

When I first came online, I was on the wrong side of that razors edge and I’d like to share some mistakes that I and others have made when beginning a home based online business. Blunders you need to avert at all costs.

1. Quitting Your Job too Soon

This is a huge underestimate that far to many aspiring entrepreneurs make and one I made myself. When you initiate researching how to earn money online you open the access to a whole other world and it’s awfully easy to get dragged into the excitement and misleading promises that are out there. It reminds me of driving into Vegas, all the lights and the glitter, the hope to get rich quick. It doesn’t happen and many people online fall into this “hype trap.” They influence themselves that they can exchange their income in 30 days or less and they decide to fire their boss. Now, I’m not saying that it’s not possible to exchange ones income in that time, don’t get me wrong I trust we all have infinite potential and the being that can accomplish something like that has to honestly believe it. They have to trust it in every cell of their being and their state of mind must be belief and not mere hope or wish. A great teacher of mine gave some advice on this. He said before you quit your job, make sure your needs are met for at leat six months. This way you can focus on building your business and providing service. You can’t focus clearly on prosperity if you’re worrying about paying the mortgage or rent, or if you’ll have food. When worry comes in doubt and fear are not far behind and they are a cancer.

2. Buying Programs that Offer Overnight Riches

It is possible to earn money fast online, however if your new online you will more often loose. Every time I hear about someone having extreme results there is usually a skill that they posses or some other factor that is present. Other seeds were sown long before the results came. Follow your intuition; if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

3. Trying to Rush Results

You see this when someone doesn’t know the process correctly. When you rush you use force and forcing doesn’t work. You can’t force a tree to grow, you just let it happen, and the same holds true here. Focus on regular income producing action-orientated activities and results will follow.

4. Buying Expensive Programs

When you are just starting your home based online business you don’t need to purchase the big marketing programs that cost $500 to $2,000 and even more. Don’t get me wron, many of these programs are great, but to someone new online they are confusing and unnecessary. Buying a big expensive course is like building a house starting with the roof. You must have the basics down before you start messing around with the superior techniques. Master the basics and move on from that.

5. Failing to Learn and Implement the Basics of Online Marketing

This one is HUGE. To have a strong home based online business you have to have a strong foundation. You wouldn’t decide to fabricate a house and commence with the roof, would you? No, you’d begin with the foundation because once you have a good well-built foundation everything goes up after that quite fast. The basic skills for your foundation are to create content, attract leads, build a list, provide value, build relationships, help solve problems, and earn money. Sounds like a lot and there are tools to help automate this as much as possible.

6. Trying to Many Strategies at Once (Focus on ONE thing until mastered)

Someone who bounces from idea to idea is usually lacking purpose. Get clear on WHY you are building a home based online business and this is deeper than making more money. Is it to spend more time with family, is it to be able to help others, what ever it is get clear on it and you’ll become more focused. Don’t get in the habit of jumping from one thing to another, “trying” a program or strategy and after a week deciding to find something bigger and better. Decide on one method, master it, get it producing revenue and then add another until it’s mastered. This is a marathon not a sprint.

7. Failing to Find a Mentor or Mastermind

In the best seller Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill devoted an entire chapter to the Mastermind principal. This is vital, no one ever became successful by themselves, there was always a team a support group, someone to bounce ideas with, a mastermind. Network with leaders, read blogs find groups online with people who are having the results you desire. Your success is going to be determined by a large extent by the company that you keep, so make sure it’s good company.

Deciding to start a home based online business can be the most profitable and rewarding decisions you could ever make. Just avoid the mistakes I’ve outlined to save frustration, head aches and money. My advice to stay persistent, understand that you’re going to fail, but that doesn’t mean you’re a failure it just means you produced an unwanted result. See your failures as feedback that will let you to correct, tweak, and move on. Good luck.

Teaching an Online Course: The Professional, Stree-Free Approach

The Advantages of Learning Online…

Who hasn’t received email about online learning and thought how wonderful it would be to “attend” lectures, take exams, and interact with instructors and classmates through chat rooms, without driving to some campus? How convenient: work at your own pace from the convenience of your home or office. Most online courses have been degree programs in fields that lend themselves to this approach, like business, technology, health, and law.

How many more people want simply to enrich their lives by delving into something interesting or practical on an ongoing basis? That has been a service community colleges supply, hiring many people with specialized knowledge and experience in a wide variety of fields that appeal to enough citizens to make it worth listing in the catalog.

What About the Advantages of Teaching Online?

When you stop to think about it, most adults accumulate enough knowledge and experience to have something worth sharing with others. Most of them truly love their special field and believe they have a unique slant on it. Only a few, however, apply to teach at their community college and those who are accepted get to share their expertise and passion with only a few dozen people at most per semester. Many knowledgeable and passionate people are intimidated at the thought of designing a course – writing up descriptions, syllabi, outlines, and lecture notes without professional guidance or assistance. Of those who get this far, how many freeze at the thought of standing up in front of a classroom and talking in public?

If this describes you, there is great news. You can now teach what you know and love while “hiding” behind the Internet. Even better, you can get talented professionals to help you create and develop a truly excellent course with all the trimmings. You can get access to tools that let you enroll hundreds of students at once and still manage to encourage them to complete their assignments, pass quizzes, and participate in online discussion groups.

UniversalClass.com – Where Learning and Teaching Come Together…

One such online service is UniversalClass.com. It offers a “Virtual Classroom” in cyberspace. You set up an account quickly and easily, and then concentrate on typing in or uploading specific content for your course through a “wizard,” an automated program that prompts for necessary information and offers hints. Make no mistake, it takes planning and effort on your part, But you are guided through the whole process. Once you’re satisfied with your draft, UniversalClass.com professionals critique it and tell you how to improve it. Once the Course Review Committee approves your course, it is made available online to potentially thousands of learners, who pay whatever course fees you stipulate. You receive sixty percent of these fees. And you’ve paid nothing to set up the course. As you “teach” the class repeatedly, feedback from students and your own evolving insights can be edited in and your course grows in excellence.

What Can I Teach?

It’s time to brainstorm. Start a notebook of ideas. You don’t have to be a “guru” or expert for people at some level to benefit from your insight. Four to six years work or field experience after finishing school may suffice to build a practical course around. Help people learn the “inner workings” of something you do every day effortlessly. Help them avoid trial and error. If you are a skilled craftsperson or hobbyist, you have the makings of a first-rate course. Remember, the Internet lets you incorporate artwork, music, and even movie clips – without you having to know any programming.

What do you enjoy talking, reading, and learning about most? What do you enjoy doing the most? What do you find yourself talking about most with family and friends? What do people most ask your help with? What good and bad life experiences have you been through? How did you cope? What are the biggest problems on the job and how would you fix them? What do you find yourself saying, “I could do that better” about? Or, “If only they’d try such-and-such.” Start here.

People want courses in things like:

  • accounting
  • bookkeeping
  • marketing
  • financing
  • office skills
  • telemarketing
  • entrepreneurship
  • New Age
  • self-improvement
  • holistic healing
  • Yoga
  • fitness
  • birthing
  • dreams
  • self-hypnosis
  • meditation
  • quitting smoking
  • computers at every level of expertise and every specialty
  • cooking (all forms)
  • the visual arts – how to and academic views
  • decorating
  • landscaping
  • genealogy
  • reading music
  • playing instruments
  • the languages of the world
  • law
  • criminology
  • taxation
  • parenting
  • grand-parenting
  • caring for elderly parents
  • caring for pets
  • real estate
  • religion
  • social work…

With a little imagination, your list of ideas can grow to unbelievable heights…