How to Choose an Online Home Study Hypnosis Course

People come to hypnosis for many different reasons.  They hear about the benefits of using hypnosis to boost confidence, increase self esteem, reduce fears and doubts and to perform better in all area’s of life.  Some then decide that they would like to learn more about hypnosis and think about taking a course.

There are lots of online home study courses on the market today.  It’s a very lucrative business for Internet entrepreneurs.  The problem arises when people start to write these courses with little more than a basic understanding of what hypnosis is all about.

It can be pretty dangerous if you attempt to hypnotize others without knowing completely what you are doing.  One of the first things you should be looking at when choosing an online courses is can you trust the person selling it to you.  If possible get a recommendation from someone who has tried the course.  A trustworthy opinion can go a long way in helping you to decide if the product is good value or not.

Make sure you know what is contained within the course that you are buying.  If you are a beginner spend a little extra and get something that gives you a good grounding in basic techniques.  There are lots of courses out there that claim anyone can use them but realistically they are designed for people who have some knowledge of hypnosis and can build on that knowledge.  If you are an advanced user make sure that there is information that is new to you.  It can be really frustrating buying a product only to find that it simply covers the things that you already know.  Sometimes online home study courses like to keep their descriptions vague to tempt you in.  You will often see phrases like “learn the secret to creating instant rapport.” or “amazing tool to make others instantly suggestible.”  It can be difficult to see what is actually in the course.  Ignore the fluffy language and look for actual content.  As a general rule, if there isn’t a description of the content on the sales page find something else.

Ignore all outlandish claims.  Somewhere along the line it has become common practice to exaggerate the benefits of the product on sales pages.  Not just hypnosis products pages but any info product has the same claims.  “Learn how to tap dance in minutes.”  Solve sudoku in under 30 seconds.”    Don’t believe them.   If you can find a hypnosis course that you can even listen to in minutes it’s not worth the money you are paying for it.  Hypnosis is a difficult subject to master.  People have spent years studying it.  It’s an art form that requires an understanding of language pacing, tonal changes and body language.  It’s subtle and every person you hypnotize will require you to tweak your technique a little.  One of my favourite courses claims you can hypnotize someone to rob a bank.  That is highly unlikely. That doesn’t mean these courses aren’t of quality material, some of them are very good.  Don’t believe their claims though, they set up up to have unrealistic expectations of what hypnosis can do, and how long it will take you to learn.

Ignore the testimonials on sales pages.  The testimonials are there for a reason.  They are designed to sell the product to you.  Have you ever seen a negative testimonial?  When you are buying a product make sure you have a recommendation from someone impartial that has tried the product.  They will naturally be more honest about the product and give you a fairer assessment of the benefits and drawbacks of a particular product.

The last thing I recommend you look for when buying a product is a money-back guarantee.  If a product doesn’t offer you the chance to change your mind with a full refund always look for another product.  If the course isn’t capable of selling itself then it’s not worth the money you paid for it.

You should always follow these guidelines when purchasing anything online.  There is a lot of great information out there but there is also a lot of unscrupulous people just looking for an opening to rip you off.  I hope you find the course that works best for you.