Home Business Online Opportunity – Will My Coaching Company Succeed?

You may be considering a home business online opportunity or perhaps you are in the midst of trying to get one off the ground, and the question burning in your mind is, “Will it succeed? Of course there is no way to tell with absolute certainty, but there are some strong indicators you can look to for reassurance. Here is a list of indicators that your online coaching company has great potential.

You have a business continuity program (members only website or other monthly subscription product/service).

You can clearly define your specialized niche.

You possess expert information, strategies, techniques and/or online interactive tools that are not readily available on the internet for free.

You have built or are in the process of building a seed list of prospects that you can communicate with and customize your products/services around.

You are able to generate a constant flow of qualified leads.

You provide your new leads with an information product that actually has substantial value and is not just a glorified brochure.

You are able to collect referrals from your existing clients by providing them with small incentives.

You have an easy, fun, slogan that represents the most important benefit of your company that can be easily remembered and shared.

You have selected a niche where the people in it are already paying to receive the same kind of benefits you will be offering.

The problem you are focused on solving, or goal you are helping people achieve is one that will naturally require continual effort to maintain.

You have found a coaching program to assist you with new and unfamiliar processes of growing your business.

Your industry changes frequently and you will be able to continue to develop new solutions, strategies and techniques to share with your clients.

You have a personal track record of success in the area you are teaching.

The problem you can solve or goal you can help attain is considered very important to the niche you are marketing to.

You know enough about your niche market to create customized products, services and marketing pieces to suit them.

You can identify with the people in your niche on some level.

You have implemented a marketing method early so that you can create realistic expectation for generating new leads and budget accordingly.

This is not an all inclusive list, but if you can confidently answer yes to most of these statements exhale a sigh of relief, you are on the right track.